The Book of Christopher John (chapter 1)

The Book of Christopher John

Penned in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ 2010AD

Chapter 1

1.      In the beginning God created all things, the Heavens and the Earth, the Day and the Night, and all things that liveth thereon.

2.      And all this was done in God’s imagination or dreamtime in a matter of days, that would have otherwise have taken eons by way of nature or evolution.

3.      For in a dream, what taketh all but a moment, can seem like an eternity in real time.

4.      But for God, that which he can imagine to be, he can say let it be so, and it is, whence but a moment before was not.

5.      Then finally God created man, male and female created he them.

6.      And he gave them instruction, dominion over all his creation; to oversee and subdue it, tend to it and nurturer it.

7.      Allowed he them to eat of all things saving for the Tree of Knowledge, for God knew that a little bit of knowledge can be to they that possess it, deadly.

8.      For in the day man eateth of the fruit thereof, he would need be as God, or die trying.

9.      And so, in the beginning man was denied free will for the sake of his own safety.

10.  And the man knew God and the woman God created for him to be as his companion, because it was
not good for man to be alone.

11.  The man and woman were to each other soul mates and knew not each other in nakedness, for they
where bonded platonically but not sexually/physically.

12.  And so there they were, barely out of nappies/diapers (so to speak), tempted by a serpent to eat of the Tree of Knowledge and possessing not the skills to drive a Billy Cart, took unto themselves the keys to a Rolls Royce and ate of the Tree of Knowledge.

13.  With an original life expectancy of endless, their life expectancy had been reduced to fewer than a thousand years.

14.  And in the years following thence until now, as the ensamples of what not to do have become more and more prevalent, so man’s life expectancy has reduced to little more than three score years and ten years on average.

15.  In man’s endeavours to create anything, he slaps together (assembles) from building blocks from without.

16.  God creates all things (resembles) from ever-expanding building blocks from within.

17.  Man’s creations are easily identified from the flawed outer layers, whereas God’s creations are seamless in every way shape and form.

18.  Man’s creations are made to be, and even if the manufacturer’s instructions are followed to the letter, have little more than a few years usable life span.

19.  God lets things be, and if just a few simple instructions are followed to the letter, they shall endure forever.

20.  However, if God’s instructions are tampered with even in the slightest degree (whether intentional or not), the results can be disastrous to say the very least.