Monday, 27 August 2012

A Calling to bestow. (A poem by C.J. Petersen)

A calling to bestow.

Humanity to pontificate,
As words abate,
Before God kneeled,
Resolve is steeled.

Questions asked and the answers came,
A sad refrain,
Love ought be taught,
Urgency forte.

Teach all to Love their fellow man,
For this you can,
Do this for me,
True Heart I see.

© Copyright by Christopher John Petersen 

Author’s Notes: Forte: Traditionally pronounced by purists with only one syllable (like fort), it comes from a French noun.

Seeds of Love of a Type Mismatch


How can I paint a picture,
of what my eyes do see?
How can I express these feelings,
so deep inside of me?

How can I touch another's heart,
without causing any pain?
Please tell me darling, will I ever
hear from you again?

I'm searching for the truth,
amongst a pack of blatant lies;
and only you can stop these tears,
falling from my eyes.

I wake up every morning,
wishing I was dead;
How can I face this music,
that is ringing in my head?

And now with every breath I take,
I smell your sweet cologne;
Then with a flood of memories,
again start wishing you'd come home.

I'm sorry for all I've said and done,
that's caused you such distress;
You had every right to leave me here,
a broken hearted mess.

They say I'm irresponsible ,
for accepting all the blame;
but I don't care what they say,
'cos to me it's all the same.

there's no point in a second chance,
if one still bears a grudge;
so whether or not it's possible,
I'll let you be the judge.

I couldn't bear to see, what you'd do,
if you didn't get your way;
so simply gave you everything,
then had to go away.

I could not, nor ever could,
condone all that you have done;
and even though I let you win,
you act as though you won.

You think your so exceptional,
that you can't do any wrong;
but regretfully I must disagree,
and sing to you this song.

Although I do forgive you,
repentant though art not;
and so on judgement day my love,
I'll vouch for you a lot.

To perish you must first be accused,
and this I will not do;
for the song I sing is a testimonial of,
my true love for you.

The fact I didn't fight for your affections,
doesn't mean that I wanted them not;
but rather have learned that they're yours to give,
and that you chose, to me, to not.

Just because I did not beseech you, doesn't mean
that I love you any the less;
but am belonging from the nearest possible distance,
should you beacon for me in distress.

Though I'd much rather be there beside you,
I know this is not your will;
but even after an eternity of standing bye,
I know I'll love you still.

Since leaving I've done nothing with my life,
but I've nobody to live it for;
and live in the hope of an invitation from your heart,
and to be welcomed through it's door.

What we started was never finished,
but lays in ruin by mutual neglect;
stifled by short-sighted ignorance,
and foolish pride, that is due no respect.

All I treasure I carry with me,
most my fondest memories of you;
and my burdens, the fonder memories,
that we never knew.

Third degree burns upon the hearts,
of two lovers drifting apart;
because of woeful words that were once said,
born of each other's tongues undead.

If you think these words distasteful,
then you have their meaning wrong;
it's not my intention to upset you, but merely hope you regret,
as much as I that things turned out wrong.

All my LOVE always

© Copyright by Christopher John Petersen

Sunday, 26 August 2012

When Heaven Smiles (a Pantoum Poem by C.J. Petersen)

When Heaven Smiles

As Nature mimics the setting Sun,
A vista rarely seen by one,
A captured moment for to share,
With Heavenly smiles to all down there.

A vista rarely seen by one,
Our future hopes are re-begun,
With Heavenly smiles to all down there,
Does God through Nature show His care.

Our future hopes are re-begun,
As Nature mimics the setting Sun,
Does God through Nature show His care,
With Heavenly smiles to all down there.

© by Christopher John Petersen

Author's Notes: This Pantoum Poem (my 1st attempt at one of these) was written and inspired by the image.