Monday, 28 February 2011

Could somebody please explain to Julia Gillard the purpose of a Carbon Tax.

So Julia Gillard thinks she has the right to impose her will of a Carbon Tax on all Australians and our trading partners. Well let us examine her credentials about having that right.

  1. Became Prime Minister by stabbing Kevin Rudd in the back. (NOT ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE)
  2. Is now only Prime Minister in a MINORITY GOVERNMENT by winning 4 VOTES. (THE GREENS and 3 INDEPENDENTS) Yet on a 1 vote 1 value basis WOULD HAVE LOST THE POPULAR VOTE.
  4. Wants to introduce (WITHOUT A MANDATE TO DO SO) a Tax on the use of Carbon Polluting resources, and then give the money back (by way of hand-outs) to off-set any price increases. (THEREBY DEFEATING THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THE CARBON TAX IN THE FIRST PLACE).
  5. The woman just CAN'T BE TRUSTED. Just ask Kevin Rudd and anyone else who heard her assurances (PROMISES) prior the the 2010 Election.
When the Coalition introduced the Goods ans Services Tax, they went to an Election with it on the table and out in the open. They therefore had a Mandate from the people of Australia to do so. Julia Gillard has no such mandate, she barely has the right to collect existing taxes and pay the countries bills.

A Carbon Tax (if it is to achieve the desired result) SHOULD MAKE THINGS THAT USE FOSSIL FUELS MORE EXPENSIVE! It would thereby make less/non polluting sources of power/energy more attractive and affordable as an alternative. The mere idea of giving money raised from the Tax back to off-set the rise in the cost of using the taxed fuel IS LUDICROUS and self-defeating.

Julia, give us a Carbon Tax where ALL money raised from it goes to Renewable Energy research and development and subsidising clean-energy usage and installation. DO THAT, AND EVEN I WILL VOTE FOR IT!

© by Christopher John Petersen

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