Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My new blog "The Sword With Two Edges" is now up and running.

Dear readers, I hereby invite anyone interested in not just believing in Jesus Christ but being a follower and Abiding Christian to avail yourselves to my offerings in my blog: The Sword With Two Edges wherein I shall attempt to make clear the greater need to Abide in and with Christ and not just merely believe yet not repent.

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Sunday, 19 June 2011

CBA’s “Coinland” fails in it’s philanthropically inspired endeavour to teach children about Financial Literacy.

CBA’s “Coinland” fails in it’s philanthropically inspired endeavour to teach children about Financial Literacy.

In order to make an evaluation of this “latest” philanthropic effort by the CBA to educate our youth about “Earning”, “Saving” and how to be “Financially Savvy” for the real world, we need to establish some equivalents for the purpose of doing so. So for this exercise, let’s say 1 Coinland coin = $1.00AUD and that the “Skills Packs” are a “Trade Qualification” for the worker and that the lack of a “Skills Pack” equates to “Unskilled Worker”. Bonus coins are paid to workers who beat their own best time/effort which eventually becomes more and more impossible to better. They also only provide banking facilities from one bank only (their own) and pay 4% interest per day which equates to 1,460% per annum (tax free). On the side of spending they charge realistic prices for rides, movies and buying clothes etcetera, (however teleportation is a bit of a stretch).

Okay, now let us look closer at these factors and how effective the outcome is in relation to what happens in real life (which is what they are pro-porting to prepare our children for).

  1. Firstly, on the spending side of things most of the items and prices are basically comparable with their cost in the real world with a few exceptions. 
  2. Teleportation? Is it possible in real life? What is wrong with Donkeys, Horses, Cars, Busses, Trains and Planes? Let alone what a child can really relate to like Scooters and Bicycles. 
  3. 60 coins to become a Tradesperson in a given field? What happened to passing a proficiency test (doing a course) to get ahead in a given trade? Can you get a legitimate qualification in the real world just by paying a fee unless the system is intrinsically and FUND-A-MENTALLY corrupt? 
  4. Paying a bonus coin for exceeding your best time/effort. This eventually becomes a disincentive when that time/effort becomes unsurpassable. Why not have it paid whenever the average time/effort is exceeded? Then there would be an on-going incentive to do the tasks, rather than no longer trying to do the job and being paid $2/minute ($120/hour) and doing nothing other than turning up for work and passing the time? You can agree to help serve drinks, serve none at all and still receive 3-6 coins for doing no work at all, just be there for 2 & ½ minutes. Who in the real world would get away with doing that time and again and not be dismissed or not be rehired? 
  5. 1,460% per annum interest (tax free)? WOW I’d like to be able to get a 100th of that rate (tax free or not). How does that rate have any significant bearing on reality? Other than to brain-wash our children to use their product. When in the real world the product offered to children discriminates against children by paying a lousy 4% per annum while other people are paid up to 60% higher interest. 
  6. Only 1 bank is offered to the players which is a monopoly. Whereas in real life there are many banks to choose from for investing your money.   
The fact is, that the game has little (if any) bearing on reality. In reality the banks have what I call “Trap Accounts” for both Pensioners and Children. Pensioners are hoodwinked into having a “Pensioner Deeming Account” that pays 2% or so less than the Highest Rate available. In much the same way, children are hoodwinked/stymied into Children’s Bank Accounts paying at best 4% per annum interest when adults can earn 6.51% per annum at call. Who gets the rest of the interest, the bank does in the form of a greater margin on lending “your money” to others. A further disincentive to a child’s potential financial future is imposed by the government, by limiting the amount a child can earn in interest to about $500 per annum before having to pay tax, whereas an adult can earn in excess of $6,000 before they pay any tax at all on their income.
In summary, maybe one day children and pensioners will not be taken advantage of by the banks and the ATO, but I don’t think it will happen anytime soon.

© by Christopher John Petersen

Friday, 15 April 2011

It is by NO MISTAKE that Donald Trump is successful in what he does. Here are 7 things to remember to come up “TRUMP’S” Personally and/or in Business.

It is by NO MISTAKE that Donald Trump is successful in what he does. Here are 7 things to remember to come up “TRUMP’S” Personally and/or in Business.
1.      There are no friends in business unless it is your business making friends.
2.      Remember to always get “Independent Qualified Advice”.
3.      Under no circumstances put “square pegs in round holes”.
4.      Money grows on trees.
5.      Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance.
6.      (apostrophe) Never overlook, omit or leave anything to chance.
7.      Stick to what you know and never overextend yourself, your abilities or your resources.

© by Christopher John Petersen

Friday, 8 April 2011

Have we learned nothing from the movie "A Few Good Men"?

Have we learned nothing from the movie "A Few Good Men"?

Australian people say “We want the Truth”

ADF say “You can’t handle the TRUTH!”

Legislation should be introduced banning organisation(s) commissioned to represent and defend “The Ideals and/or Values” of Australia(ns) being run by FRATERNITIES. They invariably become a "Law unto themselves" and "unaccountable" to the people they pro-port to represent.

All the best,
Chris Petersen.

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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A Walk With Grace

One day I walked, I walked and saw, I saw a sight, the sight I saw, the day I walked and saw.
The day I walked, I walked and heard, I heard a sound, a sound I heard, the day I walked and heard.
The day I walked, I walked and touched, I touched and felt, and felt by touch, the day I walked and touched.
The day I walked, I walked and tasted, I tasted a taste, a tasty taste, the day I walked and tasted.
The day I walked, I walked and smelt, I smelled a smell, and smelt the smell, the day I walked and smelt.
The day I walked, I walked and pondered, I pondered a thought, in thought I pondered, the day I walked and pondered.
And now I sit, I sit in wonder, at the wonderful gifts, given to me, by God the day I walked.

© by Christopher John Petersen

Monday, 28 February 2011

Could somebody please explain to Julia Gillard the purpose of a Carbon Tax.

So Julia Gillard thinks she has the right to impose her will of a Carbon Tax on all Australians and our trading partners. Well let us examine her credentials about having that right.

  1. Became Prime Minister by stabbing Kevin Rudd in the back. (NOT ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE)
  2. Is now only Prime Minister in a MINORITY GOVERNMENT by winning 4 VOTES. (THE GREENS and 3 INDEPENDENTS) Yet on a 1 vote 1 value basis WOULD HAVE LOST THE POPULAR VOTE.
  4. Wants to introduce (WITHOUT A MANDATE TO DO SO) a Tax on the use of Carbon Polluting resources, and then give the money back (by way of hand-outs) to off-set any price increases. (THEREBY DEFEATING THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THE CARBON TAX IN THE FIRST PLACE).
  5. The woman just CAN'T BE TRUSTED. Just ask Kevin Rudd and anyone else who heard her assurances (PROMISES) prior the the 2010 Election.
When the Coalition introduced the Goods ans Services Tax, they went to an Election with it on the table and out in the open. They therefore had a Mandate from the people of Australia to do so. Julia Gillard has no such mandate, she barely has the right to collect existing taxes and pay the countries bills.

A Carbon Tax (if it is to achieve the desired result) SHOULD MAKE THINGS THAT USE FOSSIL FUELS MORE EXPENSIVE! It would thereby make less/non polluting sources of power/energy more attractive and affordable as an alternative. The mere idea of giving money raised from the Tax back to off-set the rise in the cost of using the taxed fuel IS LUDICROUS and self-defeating.

Julia, give us a Carbon Tax where ALL money raised from it goes to Renewable Energy research and development and subsidising clean-energy usage and installation. DO THAT, AND EVEN I WILL VOTE FOR IT!

© by Christopher John Petersen