Monday, 22 November 2010

The X Factor WINNER

© by Christopher John Petersen

Comment posted to Altiyan's blog on Sunday 21st Nov.

Altiyan, I don’t liken you to any particular front-man from any popular rock band in either Australia or any other country. You are reminiscent of the likes of Joe Camilleri, Michael Hutchence, Doc Neeson or Bon Scott, to name just a few Australian Lead Singers who have/had that something special “The X Factor”. If this was just a singing competition, then I believe that Madison (on the strength of her audition with Whitney Huston’s “I have nothing”) should have won. However, the X Factor is not about emulating another’s performance(s) or perfect pitch singing alone. It is about finding someone who has the “Special Something”, “Stage Presence” and/or “Captivating Believability”. Altiyan you have all that and more “In Spades”. Whether you win this competition or not, Ronan (and many thousands of viewers) know(s) you have what it takes to be successful, not only as a recording artist, but more importantly as a “Live Performer”.

I’d wish you good luck in the final, however you don’t need luck, you are a True Winner already.

God Bless you Altiyan and I can’t wait to book tickets to your first concert tour.


Since posting the above to Altiyan's blog last night, The Great News tonight of his WIN.

Congratulations Altiyan Childs, you are a Superstar and certainly have THE X FACTOR

© by Christopher John Petersen