Saturday, 9 October 2010

Many say “Spare the rod, spoil the child”, I say, “Spare the Child and to hell with the rod”.

Form the very bowels of agony a child comes forth and is immediately greeted by the mother with absolute Love. Such is God’s Love for us, whether we are a sinner or a Saint. No harm should come to us by the hand of another. For God places his mark on us as he did to Cane (claiming sole rights to any vengeance and retribution for any wrong doing) and later confirmed His exclusive right to judge any sinner when Jesus Christ said “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. Jesus also taught his followers that it is a wicked servant who is forgiven their debts by their Master and yet fails to do likewise for their subordinates or servants. Jesus also taught that a good tree does not bring forth bad fruit and that everyone shall be known by the words that proceed from them. A newborn child has no judgement or ill feelings towards anyone in the world and if we are to perfect the Love of God and the Love of Jesus Christ in our lives then we should be likewise Loving and devoted to caring for All our fellowman. The Love of God and Jesus Christ are UNCONDITIONAL, WITHOUT BIAS and UNPREJUDICED. If we are to be as Jesus Christ wants us to be which is “as little children” then we are to look on one-another through “innocent eyes”.

I was a sinner and because my sins have been forgiven through God’s Mercy and by the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ and in diligently abiding by all and every instruction given by Jesus Christ, shall never condemn or forsake another to come unto the Lord, A-Men!

© by Christopher John Petersen

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