Monday, 20 September 2010

Undying Love For A Love That Is Dying (complete) by Christopher John Petersen


The artist put himself to task,
to realise a dream;
and gathered up and set it so,
it did not show a seam.

with loving hands he polished it,
and when each piece was done;
he set it all in motion,
giving life to every one.

Then he put a keeper in it's midst,
and said "Watch over it";
then saw he needed company,
and so of his breast did knit.

then said "Come see what I've cast on,
from a stitch across your heart;
this stitch to remind both of you,
that you should never part".

Now looking upon his loving work,
behold it has been dashed;
for some have come along, and with
a tarnished brush have splashed;

With fond filled fancies,
of lavish meadows Green;
of shimmering Sunkissed dewdrops,
on countless blossoms sheen.

An array of fossils and footsteps,
of all pleasantries ever seen;
now memories locked in teardrops,
of all that once had been.

Mother Earth, once plump and fruitful,
laid waste by foolish schemes;
left in the hands of ignorant caretakers,
is now falling apart at the seams.

All the artist's beloved creations,
have all but come and went;
shall the Harvest Moon not bless our skies,
'til this beloved Earth is spent?

Despondent over desolate spaces,
we dream the poet's dream;
of living in tranquil places,
with peace on Earth serene.

To live in joyous frivolity,
with nothing to bring us down;
to look in all directions,
and nay have cause to frown.

May God help us to understand and respect all that is given us A-MEN

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