Wednesday, 22 September 2010

"MANKIND" a poem from the book "The Forgotten Foundling" by Christopher John Petersen

Adam has been split many times but when you put all the pieces of the puzzle back together, the answer still is one.

is what we need,
for kind men,
have no greed.

Brotherhood and equality,
will set us free,
this domineering dictators,
cannot see.

Peace of mind,
is yours to be got,
and many seek it,
for it means a lot.

for those who seek,
and do not find,
the Grail you seek,
is your mind.

Before you bring judgement,
and slander and curse,
think how you'd feel,
if the roles were reverse?

Discretion's the better part of valour,
of this you can be sure,
as the world's seen lots of fighting,
do we really need any more?

It takes two to tango,
consider carefully what you say,
and if agreement isn't reached,
then simply walk away.

Thor's the host of thunder,
"Adamsapple" the forbidden fruit,
also called the thoraxe,
be meek and keep it mute.

Individuals argue,
and fight unto the end,
let's all be singular plural,
and all be for A-MEN.

Life is but a riddle,
not meant in jest,
but merely to find out,
if we pass the test.

Love thy neighbours,
as you would have they you,
and forgivest thee they,
that know not what they do.

Love is like a flower,
the seeds of which we sow,
and if we're very careful,
we'll see it blossom and grow.

We're all each only fractions,
the sum of which is one,
let's all join hands together,
and see peace on Earth begun.
May God's Blessing be upon you all AMEN

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Violetwrites said...

We're all each only fractions
the sum of which is one

like a Buddhist treatise -
It's hard to have peace without a piece of the pie - but we try ...