Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Inspired by what took place whilst helping a Perfect Stranger.

People, who are of this world and not of God’s Kingdom, simply cannot comprehend, let alone understand how or why I do the things I do or behave in a manner altogether alien to them.  They think I am from another planet and technically I suppose they are right, for they are of this world and I am of another.  To a Disciple of Christ, it is so easy to identify the difference by what is sealed in their foreheads. Those of the world are the first to give advice (usually insistently and without being asked for it) and the last to listen to or take any advice.  Whereas those who are not of the world are they that first of all listen and offer advise when it is asked for or if discerned to be required.  Those of the world garner money and possessions around them like there’s on tomorrow, some will stop at nothing to acquire them, then zealously defend against their loss to the point of worrying themselves into an early grave.  The Abiding Christian however, is the last to ask for money or seek to acquire it and the first to give it away and think nothing of it.  Why would anyone sow seeds for a harvest in which they will not directly profit and only be remunerated for their time and efforts after they die?  The answer has to do with Abiding, Believing, Commitment, Devotion, Embodiment, Faith, Generosity, Healing, Integrity, Jesus-like, Karma, Love, Ministry, Nay, Obedience, Perseverance, Questioning, Reverence, Salvation, Truth, Unselfishness, Virtues, Willpower, X (an unknown, being anonymous, shouldering or bearing a cross), Yea and Zealousness.   Indeed a complete raft of reasons and the A to Z of Abiding in and being one with Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  When you work on the world’s time, you can work hard and long and be paid a King’s Ransome for your efforts, only for it all to be in vain and worthless to you in the end. When you work on God’s Time, there is no mad hurry as God has all the time in the world and the rewards are Priceless (of more value than can ever be imagined).

For my part, I would much rather be “Working On God’s Time”, than to be working on borrowed time.  Furthermore, God’s Savings Plan (Saving souls and Heavenly Rewards) is not at the mercy of Wall Street.

May God’s Blessing through Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ be upon you all.

Christopher John Petersen.

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