Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Does the Government Really Care about us?

Although the Government tries to make out that they are genuinely concerned about it’s citizens well being, when you fully consider what they are doing and how they are going about it, then it becomes perfectly clear where their True Priorities lie.

Illegal Drugs of Dependence;

Is the government really concerned for the people who are dependant on illegal drugs? Or is their only real concern, controlling the spread of diseases through the use of shared needles by intravenous drug users etcetera? The government spends millions of dollars on Safe Injecting Rooms and supplying free needles to people dependent on Illegal Drugs to financially assist them in continuing their addiction. They also provide millions of dollars toward clinics that assist in rehabilitating people who are dependent on illegal drugs. They even go so far as to provide substitute drugs at no charge to help people to quit their addiction to illegal drugs of dependence. They also promote and encourage people from as early as school age that sex is a recreational activity, yet act soo surprised about the increase in the cases of HIV and other STD’s. What the government misses out on getting because they haven’t introduced a Tax on Sex, they more than makeup on the sales taxes of associated products.

Legal Drugs of Dependence;

If however you are unfortunate enough to have developed dependence to Legal Drugs such as Nicotine or Alcohol, the only thing you can expect the Government to do is to burden you with massive additional taxes. One could also add to this category gambling because the “rush” generated from the prospect of a big win is also addictive and through lack of self control can become a serious financial problem. Another dependence the government is now being lobbied to introduce a tax on is “comfort foods” and foods that contain excessive amounts of fats and/or sugar, which are associated with the development of obesity.

Hardly Equitable and Fair;

The most disparaging fact about this situation is that billions of dollars of government revenue is freely spent on rehabilitation/treatments for people dependent/addicted to illegal/illicit drugs (the sale of which contributes NIL REVENUE). Yet, if you are unfortunate enough to get hooked on Cigarettes, Alcohol, Gambling or Eating the wrong types of food(s), all of which generate 10’s of Billions of Dollars in Tax Revenue to the Government each year, the most you can expect from the Government to assist you in beating your dependence/addiction is Lip Service on a (supposed) “Help/Quit Line” and/or a “How To” brochure (Do It Yourself). The fact is that the Government doesn’t want to stop a person from being addicted to anything that generates additional tax revenue(s); they just want to stop a person from being addicted to anything that doesn’t generate additional revenue for them.

How could this be fixed?

If the Government seriously wanted to assist people who have a habitual addiction, then why are they not doing the following? Have the cost of treatment/rehabilitation covered 100% by Medicare and any required medication (quit smoking aids) listed on the PBS for those persons quitting under the supervision and assistance of their Doctor. A similar approach could also be taken for persons who are chronically over weight. Unfortunately, the Governments/public idealism cannot be afforded by those who are effected/addicted, because the treatments are more expensive than continuation of their addiction(s). Rather than embracing and assisting people to get over disorders/addictions; the general public and government shun and/or alienate people who are in the most need of their help.

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