Tuesday, 31 August 2010

When I went to School, CHEATS were given an “F” for FAIL.

When I was in school, teachers took great pleasure handing out an “F” to students caught cheating and furthermore had no compunction letting their other classmates know about it.  Well maybe there is more truth to the saying “it takes one to know one” than we previously thought.  Maybe they are so good at detecting students cheating because they are cheats themselves?  Aren’t School Principals and Teachers supposed to be role models and set standards to those who look up to them for guidance and instruction?

It seems Teachers are only too happy to give a damming assessment (following an exam) of a student(s), which could see them in Struggle Street for the rest of their lives.  Yet the Teachers and/or Schools don’t want a True and Fair Assessment of their abilities to impart their knowledge and/or teach our children.  I find it deplorable that so many schools and teachers have resorted to cheating in the NAPLAN TESTING and in some cases conspired with accomplices or asked for some students not to attend during the tests.  And all for the purpose of giving a Teacher and/or School a HIGHER GRADE THAN THEY DISERVE and MORE FUNDING TO DO OBVIOUSLY INFERIOR WORK.  I’m afraid I do not tolerate cheats very well, however, TOLERATE HYPOCRITES EVEN LESS!

“Take therefore the talent from him, and give it unto him which hath ten talents.” Matthew chapter 25 verse 28.

They by their own judgement (by resorting to cheating) are not worthy of holding their positions.  Neither are they worthy of receiving additional funding for doing inferior work.  Nor should our children be exposed to their deceitful ways and practices.

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