Sunday, 1 August 2010

Julia Gillard's contributions to illiteracy in Australia.

Imployed, imployer, imployee and imployment are some of Julia Gillard's contributions to illiteracy in Australia. The fact she has never married, maybe we should address her as “Miss Pronunciation”? "Moving Forward" Julia, they should be pronounced employed, employer, employee and employment. Julia you are the Prime Minster of Australia and the former Minister for Education and should be setting a better example to Australia’s impressionable youth. Frequently mispronounced words cause difficulties for children/people trying to learn English and also spelling difficulties.
Offen/ofden, if a person can't say often then they should try saying frequently instead. Other examples are (but not limited to); darnce, darnced, darncing, charnce, charnced, plarnt, plarnting and plarnted. Why do people add an "r" when there isn't one? Is it their feeble attempt to sound sophisticated or important? I think rather that it is a sad indictment of their lack of consideration for other people endeavouring to learn the English language.
I do not criticize everyone who mispronounce words, however I think Newsreaders, Reporters, Politicians and Hosts of Children’s Shows especially should be setting better examples.

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