Thursday, 15 July 2010

Creditcard Debitcard Skimming On The Rise

I noticed that "A Current Affair" (Australian Current Affairs Program) ran another story tonight on how thieves are gaining access to unsuspecting card-holder's bank accounts and credit card accounts. Only a few months ago the same story was aired (possibly by the same program) and within a day or so I had come up with the solution to the problem and over the next few days I had devised a way to make all ID/Credit/Debit Cards 100% secure from use by anyone else other than the rightful owner. They would be so secure that if a thief found one on the street, the thief would hand the card in to the Police or at worst just not bother to pick the card up at all.
I took my concerns about the lax (bordering on non-existant) security measurers adopted by almost all merchants to a local Petrol Station to demonstrate the problem with their use of the eftpos terminals and offered my simple solution and the response I got was basically "Tell Someone Who Cares". They said "we use what is supplied by the bank" but I highly doubt they are abiding by the conditions of use.
So I decided to go and see my local Bank Manager about the same issue and also about getting more secure cards produced incorporating my security features. She listened to the basic jist of my concerns and solutions and then fobed me off asking me to put all my ideas/solutions into an Email and send it to her (as she was too busy and had to go). She (just like Barbra on TV) lives in "Bank World". And NO, she wasn't an ANZ Bank Manager.
I tried to contact A Current Affair with my solution to the problem and never even got any sort of response.
So I put it to my readers:
Would you like this problem solved?
And who would be interested in assisting me with my thief proof cards?

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